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Siyanda Oil Holdings (Pty) Ltd
We are a new and independent oil and alternative energy company that endeavors to provide an opportunity for people in the second world economy to join forces with people in first world economy for purposes of upliftment of socio economic.
With a core competence representing fluency in strategic thinking, operational expertise, visionary leadership and a broad network of domestic and international contacts, SIYANDA is uniquely positioned to be very successful in its business endeavors.
The company offers a wide variety of products including petrol, kerosene, diesel, jet fuel, LPG, lubricants, gel-fuel, bio-oil and bio-diesel. In addition, Siyanda’s value chain includes storage, transportation and retail outlets in partnership with the major oil interests in South Africa .
For sustainable growth, Siyanda continues to leverage its BEE ownership and operational expertise to expand its customer base through strategic alliances, the acquisition of profitable concerns and the establishment of oil and alternative energy development facilities.
Siyanda has extensive knowledge of international trade in petroleum products and relationships with reputable international trading companies and shipping lines.
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